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Cut Order FAQ

Cryo-Vac vs. Paper Wrap:

Cryo-Vac wrapping, to include “rollstock” packaging is the latest and greatest in packaging, increasing the freezer life of your product. It is important to note however, that this packaging does need a gentler touch than paper wrap. 

Bone-In vs. Bone-Out

The biggest differences between Bone-In and Bone-Out are T-Bone Steaks (opposed to New York and Tenderloin Steaks), Rib Steaks (opposed to Ribeye) and having Bone in your roasts. Animals over 30 months old MUST be bone-out.

How big should I cut my Roasts?

This is totally up to personal preference, however as a rule of thumb estimate 1lbs per adult fed. So if you are feeding 3 adults then 2-3lbs would be ok. If you are feeding a family of 4 or 5, 3-4lbs should suffice.

Top and Bottom Round?

Top and Bottom Round compose much of the the hind quarter of the animal. The top is more tender and less fatty which lends well to steaks, cube steaks and roasts. The bottom round is tougher and typically we recommend grinding it into your burger.

What is Osso Bucco?

Osso Bucco is Italian for “Bone with a Whole” and is the Shank of the animal, sliced into steaks. The end result is a central, marrow filled bone surrounded by meat. They can be used for soups and stews (similar to Ox Tail) or braised.

3-1 or 4-1 Patties?

We have a 50lbs minimum on patty processing and charge $1.00 per pound to process and package them. We offer 3-1 (1/3lb) and 4-1(1/4lb) patty sizes.

I want some dog Bones.

Dog bones from processed animals are excellent for our furry friends, however we do need to know what you’re expecting. If you have a smaller dog you’ll want what are called Marrow Bones, which can also be used for stocks or broths. Got a big dog (or just a big chewer) then you’ll want Knuckle bones. As a note we recommend storing your bones in the freezer and giving them to your pets raw. Raw bones are less likely to splinter, which can cause gastro-intestinal problems.

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